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Karen Hutchins, MA, BCPC, CHt

Karen Hutchins, MA, BCPC, CHt has been a psychotherapist since 1972, working in various agencies, treatment centers, and community colleges; accruing experience in working with trauma, addictions, and illegal behavior. She went into private practice in 1991, where she has specialized in working with trauma of all levels, with children, adolescents, and adults.

Karen combines extensive psychotherapeutic trainings and shamanic practitioner techniques to integrate and facilitate the healing of the Mind, Body, and Soul. She works with the four realms of healing: physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. This allows the client to empower themselves by healing the personalities' wounds and re-remembering the Soul's purpose/lessons. Addictions and imbalances are often the methods in which the Soul survives, and Karen's extensive experience and training in chemical dependency gives her additional tools in the healing process.

One of the most difficult wounds to heal with trauma and abuse, is the client's inability to remember his/her own ability to tune into her/his own "knowing." Listening to one's self is also listening to the spiritual connection and inner wisdom. Cognitive and experiential therapy help the clients work through the distortion of reality they have experienced in their trauma/abuse.

Inner child work, or working with stuck developmental ego states is another method in which the client can access his/her truth and feelings and become more in the present. Name It, Claim It and Let It Go is the mantra that Karen teaches her clients. Karen's intuitive style often combines shamanic techniques, energy work and cognitive therapy in working with each client.

As a Shamanic Practitioner and Ordained Minister, Karen is able to perform weddings, funerals and baptisms/presentations of the child in any state. She is also able to perform Land and Soul Retrievals, House/Space Clearings and Psychopomp rituals.

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