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Shamanism in the Millennium

Shamanism in the Millennium is a course of study that prepares a person to become a Shamanic Practitioner. Karen's teachers were Julia Darnell and Sandra Ingerman. The course includes monthly classes, workshops, outdoor excursions, camping and classes in the parks.

Shamanism is a worldview in which the participant experiences all living things as having an energy/life force and should be treated with that respect and honor. It includes the practice of continual gratitude and thankful rituals and ceremonies. The worldview involves the elements, the seven directions and all living beings. It also remembers that everything/one is connected energetically and that there is no hierarchy of beings... everything/everyone has something to share and teach and all have something to learn on this earth.

Shamanic techniques are powerful tools in healing the psyche and soul and have been used for over 12,000 years as documented through artifacts, petroglyphs and oral history.

Journeying, which is the method of traveling to Nonordinary Reality from Ordinary Reality to connect with the Inner Wisdom and spiritual energy. Journeying is going inside to listen to Guidance with rhythmic drumming/rattling/movement. It is also a medium to create a space for the person to re-remember his/her inherent ability to reconnect with Spirit for healing. It is a mind altering experience with intention and focus to heal. Initial journeying is used for each person to find a Power Animal/Being and to reconnect with that Being. The shamanic belief is that Dis-Ease is the modern person's disconnection with his/her own Power and that the reconnection with the representative of that power is important for the healing process.


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