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A certified hypnotherapist since 1994, Karen has found that using one's own inherent ability to heal is empowering and useful to the person.

Guided visualization is a method of guiding the person to find internal safe/healing spaces with metaphors and imagination.

Past Life Regressions are powerful ways for people to find old/stuck information that the Soul has not healed. Using the ability for the mind to travel without time or space allows the person to discover information that helps them move forward. It is often another way to do Soul Retrieval of an essence that is stuck in another time.

Spiritual Regression or Life Between Lives is based on the books and training by Dr. Michael Newton. His books, JOURNEY OF SOULS and DESTINY OF SOULS describes a deep hypnotic trance state where the person reaches/visits life between lives, where soul decisions are made. The lengthy session may include visiting with the Soul Group, Guides, The Elders/Council and whatever else the Guides feel is important. Preparation for the four hour session includes a one hour session of Past Life Regression so that the person can feel comfortable with Karen's style and feel comfortable with being hypnotized. The Michael Newton Institute information can be found at


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