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NURTURING OUR GIFTS (NOG) is a twice monthly meeting, the first and third Tuesday of every month. It is a place where people share their psychic, healing gifts and work with them. Many people are unsure of their gifts and frightened of their manifestation, so NOG has become a safe place for clients to discuss their gifts and to share techniques on how to care for themselves in the development of their gifts. This meeting has been ongoing for twelve years and has helped people be encouraged in their development of their gifts and to normalize the utilization of these gifts. It is FREE and at the office.

SWEATLODGE: is an indigenous ceremony that is held every third Saturday, at Chapperal Healing Center, 2112 Upper Elgin River Road. The keepers of the Fire, Land, and Spirit are done by Karen, Barbara and JJ. The Lakota tradition is the core of the Inipi but other traditions are brought in. Cotton clothing is best for the sweat and it is asked that everyone bring some food to share for the gathering, at the end of the ceremony, to get grounded. RSVPs are requested.

CAMPING EXCURSIONS will be using shamanic techniques in the natural world and with Mother Earth. Car pooling is done for these trips, leaving from the office. Everyone is responsible for their own camping gear and food is shared and coordinated. Cooking and eating utensils are provided. Excursions include two short trips (Fri-Sun) and two longer trips (Wed-Sun). The Texas State Parks are the focus of these trips, although Big Bend and Wichita National Refuge in Oklahoma are also included. Shamanic journeying and ceremonies will be done on the trips as Spirit guides. The excursions are a way to deepen the relationship with Spirit/Mother Earth/Father Sky. Participants are encouraged to bring their own instruments and ritual tools. RSVP is requested.

Classes vary each year. All are held at 3004 South First Street, Austin, TX, unless otherwise stated. They also vary in length and cost. There are core classes for Shamanic Practitioner, but all classes will enhance the knowledge base. There is no sequence in taking classes unless noted. All will involve the teaching of the Journeying process.

MAKING A DRUM/RATTLE uses techniques taught by Dawn Kenny of Virginia. JJ Farrell and Karen cohost this workshop. The Ancients recognized the power of creating instruments and infusing heart/soul into them. The participants will be creating a 13 inch drum in the Cherokee fashion with rawhide, sinew, and wooden frame. Participants will be asked to bring wood for the beater and rattles, although there will be extra sticks available. Feathers, beads and other decoration can be added and brought to the workshops. $200 pays for the supplies. A head count is necessary to ensure enough hides are cut and a RSVP is needed a week in advance.

SOUL RETRIEVAL, PARTS 1 AND 2 (TWO WEEKEND CLASSES) Soul Retrieval by Sandra Ingerman is the basis for the two part class. Participants learn to do tracking, soul retrieval for people, land and surgery/injuries. Participants are required to submit five examples of soul retrieval if they want to have referrals.

MEDICINE FOR THE EARTH is a weekend class that utilizes Sandra Ingerman?s Medicine for the Earth and teaches the power of transmutation, transformation and intention and Light Healing.

EXTRACTION AND TRAUMA BOND is a day long class that teaches how to remove curses from lifetimes ago or the present life. It also teaches the removal of a trauma bond, often created in childhood or in the womb.

SHAMANIC HEALING TECHNIQUES is a day long class that utilizes the shamanic techniques: the medicine wheel, the four directions and the elements for healing.

REIKI HEALING AND ATTUNEMENTS is a weekend class that teaches the symbols, techniques and provides attunement for an ancient Tibetan energetic healing technique.

BALANCING TECHNOLOGY/NATURE is a day long class that utilizes Richard Louv?s books Lost Child in the Woods and The Nature Principal. It is a reminder to become reconnected with nature and how that can heal some modern day dis-eases.

SACRED SOUNDS is a half day class that utilizes Ted Andrews book, Sacred Sound.

SHADOW/LIGHT is a half day class looking at the balance of the Shadow and Light in shamanic beliefs.

MAKING DREAMCATCHERS is a half day class, learning how to make dreamcatchers and their function.

MAKING POWER SHIELDS is a half day class, creating Power Shields to remind participants of their inherent Power.

POWER ANIMALS/HELPING SPIRITS is a half day class, describing the calling in of spirit beings to help with daily events and to express gratitude to their energy.

ANCESTORAL HEALING is a half day class, calling in ancestors and their energy to help and what they are to teach.

NATURE SPIRITS is a half day class that explores the tree/plant/stone spirits and their lessons.

RITUALS/CEREMONIES&BALANCE is a half day class teaching the role of rituals/ceremonies and how they can balance the psyche.

Other classes will be offered, as Spirit guides.


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